Sunday, 30 March 2014

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick Review in 601 Nude Ballet

601 Nude Ballet

As an avid watcher of Youtube videos, I'd seen Itsjudytime swatch the whole range of these products and as soon as I saw them in Boots, I had to get my paws on them. 
I tend to gravitate towards nude lips because my Mum reckons anything bright looks horrible on me (thanks Mum, love you too...) and I wear a nude lip most often because it's easy to pull off and appropriate for any occasion. I purchased the shade 601 Nude Ballet because it's a gorgeous nude colour that I thought would flatter my skin tone.

I love the packaging, gold is always a winner in my eyes, I think it instantly makes a product look luxurious. I also love how you can see the shade on the outside as well as on the top and bottom of the product!

The wand applicator is a good shape, I imagine it would work well with all lip shapes, and it's great if you have a prominent cupid's bow like me to ensure any sharp edges don't get missed!
 The applicator also has like a little well of product that ensures a good amount of product is dispensed.
From watching Itsjudytime's video, I actually remember thinking this shade looked the worst out of all the ones she swatched, but I couldn't remember what shade it was in store and unluckily, I ended up with the shade I disliked most. 

L'Oreal claim this has the "colour intensity of a lipstick, magnifying shine of a gloss, and softness of a balm."
I agree with the "magnifying shine of a gloss" but that's about it. I don't see how a gloss can be considered 'soft' when it's slippery, and the colour payoff wasn't great for me. Now I'm sure a more vibrant colour would've had better colour payoff and I probably would've had a whole different experience if I'd picked a different shade, but this fails miserably for a nude 'liquid lipstick'. To me, it's just a lipgloss in lovely packaging.

I should mention that I had a nude lipstick on underneath this "liquid lipstick", so without it would be much more sheer!

I don't like the smell at all, to me it has a sickly floral smell. Oddly enough my friend Georgia (check out her blog here!) has the exact same product in the exact same shade and hates it just as much as I do, but loves the smell! 

I can't comment on the longevity as I only left it on long enough to take pictures for and then removed it straight away. I hate the feeling of glosses, although this was smooth and not sticky, but the scent just sealed the deal for me, I really don't like this product unfortunately! The scent is enough to put me off not buying another one in a brighter shade, I'd rather buy a L'Oreal lipstick or something that I know I'm going to get use out of.

I believe I'm in the minority that didn't like this product, rightfully so as I've only tried one out of the full range! I sound like such a negative nancy in this post haha but by all means, try out this product, it's somewhat affordable at £8.99... although I think it's overpriced for what is essentially a lipgloss, and there are a load of cheaper drugstore ones that do a better job and smell nicer. I also wouldn't recommend it in this shade if colour payoff is a preference of yours.

Overall rating : 2/5

Simply because of the packaging. and I think 1/5 is a lil' harsh :P
It's far from a brilliant product, but it's not downright awful either.
Who knows, maybe I'll resort to applying this over a matte nude lip one day!

Thanks for reading! :)


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